Child and Teen Services

Children have wonderful opportunities these days.  But, they can suffer from feeling too much pressure.  At times, psychological issues may be apparent such as anxiety or depression.  Learning issues can affect all academic skill areas such as reading, writing, and spelling.  School issues show up in many ways including behavioral difficulties in class, problems focusing, lost homework, falling grades or being the class clown.

Teens, by definition, feel under pressure.  they have pressures coming at them from all directions including parents, teachers and peers.  They can be challenged in all the same ways as children are, but for teens it can be more intense or even hidden.

For children and teens, family issues may include sibling rivalry, managing feelings around a divorce, discipline, college planning, and managing learning differences for a child or teen.

School issues typically require good communication and coordination between Dr. Betman, school personnel and parents.  Attending IEP or other school meetings is part of the service Dr. Betman provides.

Some of the services provided:

  • ADHD testing, therapy, and coaching
  • Helping children and teens cope with divorce
  • Helping parents before, during, and after divorce
  • Individual and family therapy

Adult Services

Adults are seen for a variety of reasons including personal issues, family or work related concerns.

Personal issues often include relationship conflict, self esteem or self confidence issues, and psychological issues such as anxiety, stress or depression.

Work issues often involve communication difficulty with bosses or coworkers, getting work done on time, focusing, being organized and efficient, and managing the stress of the work environment.

Family issues often deal with improving discipline methods, managing a divorce or its aftermath, or dealing with school related concerns.

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